Hi! I’m Annie,I have a 4 year old boy who is the love of my life! My next love is working at IVEY doing my dream job as a hair stylists. I have been told before that I’m quiet. I can make everyone relax in my chair and almost fall asleep. My specialty is short haircuts, fantasy colors, blonding and rocking out an amazing blowout. Even though my specialty, I still love doing everything else.



Hey! I’m Bailye, I go by B because one letter is cooler than six. I’ve been doing hair for a little under a quarter of decade. I get down with short hair pixie, but I also love a good balayage! People say that I’m most funny behind the chair.



Hi, my name is Cameron, Ever since the age of 4, when I chopped my own locks (don’t worry I’ve improved a lot since then!), I’ve loved to cut hair. In 2018 I graduated from the Douglas J Aveda Institute in Ann Arbor.

I love my job because I get to make every person that sits in my chair feel great about themselves. I enjoy meeting new people everyday. Everyone has a different story and desires a different look and I get to help them execute it. I truly believe that a person should never stop learning. That is why I continue to further my education by attending class and when I’m not busy with my own guests, assisting my coworkers and learning new tips and trick from them each day.

I hope to see you soon!



Hey! I’m Jacob! I have lived and worked in the Ann Arbor area for almost ten years. First working for the University of Michigan in Healthcare Logistics before attending the Douglas J. Aveda Institute. Through out my time behind the chair, I’ve learned many techniques in both hair coloring and cutting. I have a passion for hair coloring, in particular hair lightening. Certified Keratin Complex for all of your straightening needs. In addition to haircare, I love doing a good facial or eyebrow arch.



i love pulling secrets out of hair. i love curly hair, long hair, fine hair, blue hair, blonde hair, ethnic hair, but mostly i love people. my favorite thing about hair is forging intuitive and trusting relationships with people. there is a very beautiful thing about the relationship between stylist and client and i’m so grateful for those relationships and for the trust placed it me to help take people through hair and life transitions.

i’m also extremely grateful to be a hairdresser in ann arbor! i don’t know how else i would have become friends with so many art historians, or how i would have so much knowledge about medieval islamic culture but my curious mind thanks you for knowledge, ann arbor.

i am absolutely fascinated by astrology and have been studying it for years. as a total bonus we can talk as much as you’d like about that



Apparently I’m the “Master” Hair stylist.

My hands are typically in my hair for my photos. That’s how you know it’s me.

I remember starting out in this industry having little experience behind the chair. With that, came a passion in my heart, and a fierce love of the industry. Lucky for me, along the way, I had a few role models that inspired me. In fact, I wear a razor sharp blade on my hip that was given to me by one of them! If your lucky enough to need them, I’ll break them out and give your hair a quick slice with it.

I LOVE pixies, bobs and a nice clipper cut. Even though that’s what I love, I have a well rounded love for all hair types. After-all I’ve been doing hair for 17 years.